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Surveying and Mapping

In Many ways, This course is unique and only one of its kind in India. We offer complete Solutions for Engineering surveys combined with Geographic Information Systems. The solutions are completely based on open source tools, which will pave way for easy implementation of work flows

The Tools includes


In this program we will give theories and Practical training on the following Topics

Modern Surveying Techniques – Differential GPS and Total Station

  • What is Total Station and GPS
  • How to Use total station and GPS in Live project
  • STATIC and RTK method of survey (Survey project)
  • TOPO survey and Data collection using GPS and Total Station

Geo-information systems (GIS) and Satellite Surveying (Remote Sensing)

  • Satellite Image Processing Geo-Referencing
  • Over Lay of Survey Data and Digitisation
  • Project Monitoring using Satellite Images
  • Chain Detection
  • Applications Development

Data Base Concepts

  • field work and data processing
  • Geodatabase Generation
  • Sub-Routine execution
  • Data QA / QC and Delivery
  • Reports generation

Datum and Projections systems (GEODESY)

  • What is projection
  • How to define New projection systems
  • How to transform form one projection system to another
  • How to define Datum
  • Mapping property changes on datum and projection

GIS Integration

  • How to use Land Survey data in GIS
  • Selection by Attribute
  • Automatic Mapping procedures
  • Interpolation
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Profiles and Volumes
  • Stimulation and 3D Visuvalisation

Open Source Mapping and Data tools

  • How to use open source data in projects and Project planning
  • How to Download free Open Data Sources Data
  • Feature Extraction from Online Maps
  • Free online data Sources

Map Making and Map Publishing

  • Making Theme Maps
  • Layout and prints
  • GRID and Tables
  • Industry Standard maps


Upon acceptance of the above terms you will be provided with the Day wise schedule will be provided