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GEOGRAPHY... is one of the unique study which combines social sciences (human geography) with the natural sciences (physical geography) in context to a Place or a regions. GEOGRAPHY in a broader sense is EDUCATION FOR LIFE & FOR LIVING


A. The places and communities in which we live and work

B. Our natural environments and Changes they go through

C. The interconnections of the world with our communities

D. How and why the world is changing, globally and locally

E. How our individual actions contribute to those changes

F. Identify solutions for managing our world for the future

G. The importance of location in business and decision-making

To under Stand the complexity of these functions and to visualize it, you need systems which can represent INFORMATION GEOGRAPHICALLY

Which Brings you to SURRYAPPS CONSULTING... we provides professional services for all your GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SOLUTIONS, with high degree of excellence and technical standards. Each of our client's needs are unique, our timely and cost effective solutions is what sets us apart form the rest. Clear under standing of project scope and requirements makes us hit the target. We strive to achieve the highest level of usability and performance in all Solutions we delivere

The solutions that you can be proud of and confident in for years to come.

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