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Geo Informatics


In the fast growing word, Planners, decision makers, leaders and administrators need to adapt to fast growing changes. The changes are dynamic at the same time rapid. Geographic Information systems forms an integral part of such process and systems. Definition of information and resources with respect to space and locations is a critical demand for a rapidly changing world.

As a key player of this process, Civil Engineers have a definite and a larger role to play. With the demand for location based information is growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that the market for GIS, Remote Sensing, Mapping and infrastructure market in India is approximately Rs. 6400 thousand crores. The Estimated need of trained professionals is approximately 150,000 in the next 3 years.

The training for Data acquisition(surveying), Data interpretation(Mapping) and Data presentation(Web GIS) are the core process involved in these projects. The training modules form SURRYAPPS are aimed at imparting knowledge on field operations and techniques involved in Data acquisition, Project planning and resource Management.

We provide training in GIS, Remote Sensing, Surveying and Mapping . With focus on market leading tools such as ArcGIS, ERADAS, MAPinfo, Global Mapper, GRASS . We also provide Intership, Project based training and placements for college grads and seasoned professionals.

Keeping the in view of such demands SURRYAPPS is providing long term and shot term intensive training program for



GIS is a useful science, for arts and engineering professionals, especially those in the fields of civil engineering, geology, forestry, environmental studies etc.

ArcGIS – map and database creation and analysis, 2D and 3D map analysis, Case studies and use of GIS in planning, forest mapping, mineral mapping, disease analysis.

Mapinfo – map and database creation, database analysis, Case studies and use of GIS in planning, environmental analysis.

QGIS - An open Source tool for creation of Geo Spatial Content

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Any form of Engineering and Construction activity begins with a Survey. It is the essential activity for any Engineering need. We intend to train people on the concepts of modern surveying instruments and their functional capabilities. This Module will cover

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